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A war that other guys without this information won’t even be competing in.After you prepare for battle with this information you will squash other men like ants and consistently pull the hottest women on the internet with little to no effort at all on your part…Sound too good to be true?

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Finding a woman who isn’t tremendously overweight is very difficult in my age bracket. Worse, being overweight is physically sickening to those who have packed on the pounds, men and woman alike. There is something of a rule regarding the Game of waiting – double the amount of time it took her to respond before a guy should give his response. Hell, why respond with something longer when she only sends me less than a dozen words? OK, she sends out lots of emails to the best looking guys and they don’t respond. The irony is that she admits to it and then can’t quite get her rationalization hamster up to speed. For all the women who read my blog and play games when online dating by delaying responses, don’t play games, especially if you don’t like when men do the same thing.

I will put up with quite a lot of emotional and mental bullshit in order to find a slender woman. I see that she has been online several times since I sent that message and I have actually paid a bit of money to Po F so that I can see if my outbound messages have been read. She’s over-valued herself in the sexual marketplace. If you delay responses, here is what we men are thinking: If you delay responses, you’re simply not worth the mental energy for us to spend a few minutes writing online messages because there are simply too many other women out there.

A few days ago I sent out a batch of online messages through Plenty of Fish.

Sidebar – My readers will likely note an ongoing theme regarding my preferences for women who are not fat. So, I wait a couple of days before responding: “The pleasure is mine…but I am at a loss for your name…” That’s it. In her profile, she says the following: I have numerous “Viewed me” and “wants to meet you” but for some reason, no emails and I got stood up with no im sorry or I was out of the country, washing my hair, whatever you guys say- just nothing and no response to my email.

It’s in their best interest to have as many “users” as possible so that they can sell their expensive ad space and recruit new users to sign-up for their monthly subscription services.

This way when you perform a search the site looks extremely popular and heavily visited.

Without this system there is a lot of competition out there on online dating sites, but with this system there really is no competition at all…Let’s take a look at the game we’re playing, and what’s preventing us from winning and how to blow right through those barriers!!

Part I: Why You Are Frustrated With Online Dating The Top 5 Reasons Why Girls Don’t Wrote You Back Reason 1: Inactive Profiles – The truth is that online dating sites rarely if ever trim or prune their user databases.

Rudder has given us insight into OKCupid’s dating algorithm in a TED-Ed lesson and visited our New York office to speak as part of our miniature TED session about love.

To help you get in the Valentine’s Day spirit, here are some surprising facts we learned from Rudder about online dating behavior.

While I’m fairly good at it, this form of Game is irksome and frustrating for me. It yielded one positive response from a nice-looking blond woman who describes herself as thin. So, this woman plays games by waiting a couple of days before responding. It’s completely natural for women who use online dating. I incurred the wrath of a persistent rationalization hamster and hilarity ensued.

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