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In 1983, a bloody civil war was raging in Lebanon and U. I loved the time onboard the New Jersey always remember WEST PAC fellow crew. I was given a surprise trip to the Jersey upon my retirement by my children last week and ran into a shipmate that I have searched for the past 45 years!

He happened to be there the same day that I was and it was a very emotional and happy reunion on my part.

From there I was transferred to CINCPACFLT, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where I was promoted to Chief Petty Officer in the Navy.

Remember, the boxing tournament, on the fantail while we were looking at Russia? We will NEVER forget his smile as he was welcomed aboard. I am sending out my phone number to any A division or crew boatsmate who remembers me falling into harbor in Korea. When assigned boat engineer I fell in the bay and had it not been for the quick reactions of the boatsmate boat officer who rescued me I would not be here today. Served on the USS Compton DD-705 Flag Ship for COMDESRON 12 with my brother and (3) three other sets of brothers after the death of the Sullivan brothers.

I love the Navy and the people I met there, it made me the man I am today, God Bless you all, Aye Aye, Sir! If it wasn't for the boat crew I wouldn't be here today. Onboard 1951 - 1955 as a TM-3, GQ Station was Torpedo Mount Deck 1.

Made the Battleship Battle Group deployment in 1986. Is there crew from that period, still living, who might have known him?

Made CPO once I left the battleship at CINCPACFLT Staff at Pearl Harbor, HI. My uncle George Wytko served on the New Jersey during WW II. I have a copy of the ships War Log covering the period of Dec. Served on the USS New Jersey in #4 Fireroom as a BT (snipe) from 1983 through 1985. Rick was assigned to #3 Fireroom under Chief O'Briant and later Chief Olsen when O'Briant became his Senior Chief.

Some of the great times aboard were the Bob Hope Christmas show, visiting Hawaii, Japan and Singapore.

Served onboard the USS New Jersey in OI Division from 18 July 1984 through 18 December 1986.

I would love to communicate with those crew members who may remember me or was aboard Her during this time.

I served as an OS1/E-6 radarman aboard the USS New Jersey from to December 1986 in OI Division and made the first battleship battle group deployment to the Western Pacific aboard the battleship.

The magic moment was that from the time Ann Margaret was heloed onboard to the time she left the ship her perfume lingered around for days. Division to walk off it's plank and part of the decommissioning crew. From a fellow GUN BUNNY - 101 AIRBORNE DIVISION ARTILLERY XXIV CORPS.

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