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Apparently, he wasn't killed by a Schnauzer, but shot in the back with a revolver.Floyd Robertson - Flaherty; Gus Gustofferson - Eugene Levy A stirring pitch to sell England.(Interestingly, The David Steinberg Show debuted the same week on CTV, featuring much of the SCTV cast in regular bit parts.

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By the second set of 13 episodes, the show had a new director (George Bloomfield) and was growing by leaps and bounds as they mastered the medium.

Best of the Best: Ben Hur, Goodbye America The inaugural show introduces several major characters, including Johnny La Rue, Earl Camembert, Floyd Robertson and Moe Green.

They clean Mr Schnauzer, accidentally killing Gunny Rabbit.

Captain Combat - Dave Thomas; Mr Green Fatigues - Ramis; Puppeteer Lampeer - Candy Help out arabs with stomach aches.

Lawrence of Arabia (Peter O'Toole) - Joe Flaherty Perini frustrates her English teacher.

Perini Scleroso - Andrea Martin; Lucille Hitzger - Catherine O'Hara They don't have much information.

Swami Banananda - Harold Ramis The Swami is still working on his legs.

Swami Banananda - Harold Ramis Captain Combat's guest is Mr Green Fatigues, who brings Mr Schnauzer, who's stopped talking.

Starting in the fall of 1977, all 26 shows were bundled as a single series for syndication in the U.

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