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The other information like the name of the vendor, content/item in the carton can be entered into the system which will help in generating a print out to be stuck on the carton.not only helps in getting the item details on the carton, but also helps with the destination of the carton.This information at the right time plays a vital role in reducing the dispatch time of the item to the customer.

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Marketing department can easily strategize their selling efforts.

Total insight into the productivity and profitability of the DC.

Formerly, spend analysis was primarily the purview of big companies with large amounts of spend under management and significant internal budgets for managing that spend.

New technology, new methods of collecting and managing spend data, along with the growing acceptance that in order to manage your spend you have to understand it, have raised interest in spend analysis from companies of all sizes.

There's a common saying, "you don't know what you don't know." In the absence of a Spend Analysis project, companies won't know what they don't know.

Not knowing what and where you're spending means not knowing where you can save, especially the more disparate and geographically spread-out you are.

The affordability and power of new tools and technology are proving less sophisticated spreadsheet and gut-feel methods of analysis to be inferior.

Many companies are embracing the idea that they can't afford not to incorporate spend analysis into their spend management system.

It is part of an overall spend management and visibility process that includes the analysis, award, and monitoring of corporate spend.

Additionally, it is the first and last step of the strategic sourcing process that drives total value.

To find the real savings opportunities, organizations must paint a true picture of the spending landscape by utilizing Spend Analysis tools to look at more detail, look at spend of international sites, and break down spend into more refined categories.

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