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The Quattro's wonderfulness, pyrotechnic as it was, was based in a street car, unlike the lab-rat specials of other brands.

Add recirculating turbos to keep boost up, 500 hp, Haldex, Walter Röhrl, and a tiny wheelbase, and you get crazy German hot-rod magic flung hard through the midnight woods.

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Out-of-the-box thinking shouldn't care what people think.

On that note, here's a front-driver with its engine mounted backward and heeled way over to fit the transmission, with visibility so good it seems you're outside, but with heated Swedish seats, so you don't feel like you are.

Every now and then, it's useful to take a step back, appreciate history, and get a glimpse of how today's efforts stand in the pantheon of preceding hardware.

Light, airy, drives like the wispy little thing it is.

The move saved Shelby American and "made" the Mustang, giving both the base Stang and the street GT350 road-racing cred through a combination of good timing and hot-rodder smarts. Everyone knows why the E-Type makes it—sex, speed, and more sex—but why this one?

Because the coupe somehow added to the roadster's perfection without seeming gratuitous.

The F40 spells it out before you get in, then frightens you when you do. It was a five-second car and a Lamborghini competitor, and it's the reason AMG is a Mercedes division today.

It's sort of the Incredible Hulk on wheels—just don't make it angry." — Nick Mason In the mid-1980s, a Mercedes tuner best known for wide-body kits and fancy wheels debuted its first complete car, a 0,000 big-block V8 conversion of a ,000 E-Class sedan. Group B rally cars would get faster but no crazier.

The movie was equal parts fluff and camp, and the car was nothing special.

But if you were born in America, you desperately want to jump it over a downed bridge with a young Sally Field in the right seat.

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