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Some other thoughts of trying to balance dating, relationships with work especially if you work varied/irregular/shift/odd hours.

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Single Parent has the least expensive plan out of any online dating site we reviewed.

They understand how expensive it can be to raise a child on your own, and try to help you out.

As most single parents know, it can be really hard to meet someone great when you are taking care of a child.

Single Parent is here for those single parents looking to meet someone new.

Single Parent also has some success stories on their site so you can see the successful couples that met on their site.

Demographics*: The search is the main way to find singles on Single Parent

But if it’s something you want you owe it to yourself to try and fit it in, perhaps pull in those favours to help with the kids.

And then obviously if the dating goes well there’s balancing the time for the relationship with work and kids.

There's an essential first date checklist that might help with any first date nerves. As mentioned before, a main challenge can be balancing the time you have with work, children and your relationship.

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