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And always, always moisturize and lubricate your skin before pumping to shield your breasts from stretch marks and redness.

Now that we’ve addressed safety concerns, lets talk about it’s effects.

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Don’t make your beloved tatas go through unnecessary pain, put in the few extra dollars and spend for a quality breast pump, it’s a worthy investment you can scoop up a top-notch one fore a lot less than you’d expect (below $100). Know thyself Getting the best results isn’t just dependent on getting the most expensive pump in the market, you have to take into consideration your habits and lifestyle as well.

Some pumps need as little as 30 minutes a day, while others require you to have it on for 8 hours.

Keep in mind that these top 3 are in no particular order and that just because one is more expensive, it does mean that it’s better – go over the pros and cons of each so you can find one that’s best suited for you, your wallet and your lifestyle! Brava Probably the best known breast enlargement pump in town, the Brava is what’s usually recommended by doctors before their patients undergo breast augmentation surgery to gently expand their breasts in advance.

A whopping $900 to $2000 (you can scoop up cheaper, used ones on e Bay) The Brava System is an all natural, external tissue expander that is highly backed by superior technology and science.

Think about how you usually spend your day and how much time you can realistically dedicate to donning your breast pump. Patience and determination are key Breast enlargement pumps will definitely test your discipline.

Results don’t come as fast, in fact it takes anywhere between four months to a year to up your cup size, and even then you should continue using it to maintain the full look of your bust, although much less frequently.

You just put on the cups (invest in extra padding to make it more comfortable), and simply connect the tubing system and manually pump until you feel a sufficient suctioning pressure.

After pumping, you’ll notice your breast are bigger and swollen…and then be disappointed when you notice it deflates in the next few hours.

And ‘though both are effective, if you’re unwilling to risk mood swings and irregular periods – pumps are a fantastically effective, totally non-hormonal way to grow bigger breasts. Well, here’s a quick primer on the wonders of breast enlargement pumps.

In a nutshell, these pumps promote blood flow and tissue growth towards the breasts to increase their size.

Similarly, in the case of the breast enlargement pumps, it is the constant application of pressure that enables the breast to product new tissue.

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