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These people have mortgages to pay and families to support.

So, whenever new technology was needed to perform a new task, Rife simply invented and then built it himself.

Most notable was millionaire Henry Timkin, of Timkin roller bearing fame.

On the other hand, Ricardo Kleinbaum talks about what people can expect from this series, which will be released on Tuesday June 27 by the Telemundo Read More Sofia Vergara Beautiful and very funny, her role in Modern Family has given her international fame.

When you thoroughly understand Rife's achievements, you may well decide that he has the most gifted, versatile, scientific mind in human history.

By 1920, Rife had finished building the world's first virus microscope.

Scores of other medical visionaries went through hell for simply challenging the medical status quo of day, including such legends as Roentgen and his X-rays, Morton for promoting the 'absurd' idea of anesthesia, Harvey for his theory of the circulation of blood, and many others in recent decades including: W.

Koch, Revici, Burzynski, Naessens, Priore, Livingston-Wheeler, and Hoxsey.

Orthodox big-money medicine resents and seeks to neutralize and/or destroy those who challenge its beliefs.

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