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Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done about the problem except avoid it until Apple stabilizes their font support software and Microsoft stops using strange undocumented controls in their products in a way that impacts customers.

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Although I didn’t test for it, this might also occur to an admin account after doing an update or upgrade for Office.

Note that it is possible on a system with multiple accounts for some users not to see this problem (i.e., fonts never load) where others do see it.

Note that this set is the complete set of Windows True type fonts provided with Office. When Office is checking for the presence of a particular font, it does so by using the OS X font management facilities, not by looking in various locations itself.

This is an appropriate way to do things but it is significant relative to this problem as I will explain later.

When an application like Word is first started and it determines that this is its first time to run for this user, it checks the OS X font environment of the user for the presence of one or more specific Windows True Type fonts distributed with the Office Installation.

The font(s) that is checked for appears to be from the following list: I do not know which of these fonts is the trigger (see Addendum below for an update) but it seems to be one or more from this list.

If it does NOT find the font(s) in question, it then copies all of the fonts in the Applications area for Office into the User's home font folder (~/Library/Fonts).

This is a reasonable algorithm for installation in that a user has control over their own fonts and an Administrator can move them to a common area if desired.

This happens most often when an additional user is added to an installation or (as explained below) when a user deletes their Office preferences for some reason.

In either case, Office may sense a “first run” situation.

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