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These are some of the words in David De Angelo’s introduction to his manual: “It’s taken me a long time to figure out all of the things that you’re about learn [sic]. To which I immediately thought: please God, just don’t let it feel like years Double Your Dating’s manual is divided into ten chapters.Chapter 1 certainly has a refreshing title: ‘Women Don’t Make Sense’.Double Your Dating is a training course that offers guys the means by which to learn the essentials of dating.

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” and “How would I talk if I believed that I could make any woman feel great inside? In Chapter 2 guys are told that it’s okay to be a man. He offers advice on everything from the look guys should strive for to how to wash and groom themselves to even the cologne they should wear – including a list of the ‘best’ colognes for guys. Because women notice these things, and skanky and poorly groomed just doesn’t cut it with women (well, at least most women, right? He also tells guys how to get up to speed on such stuff as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Timeline Therapy, as well as read books like by Tad James. Thankfully, the most important attribute is #6, i.e.

” and “How would I act differently if I were the kind of man that women dreamed about? And that includes how men are naturally hardwired to want variety in sex from a variety of different partners. He has these choice words for guys: “…when you’re single, then I see nothing wrong with dating as many women as you want. The reasons why are not explained – these are orders and commands by De Angelo to all guys, not justified suggestions. Personality, which includes “Humor, creativity, romance, intelligence, mystique, etc.” Those are the things you need to work on, guys, the De Angelo way.

Looks and body language get an entire chapter (Chapter 5).

De Angelo has this to say: “I personally believe that when a man is self-confident (or more specifically, a woman BELIEVES that he is), women are attracted to him on an UNCONSCIOUS level”. Again, this is an assertion that is easier said than done, IMHO. That means making sure his digs are clean and tidy when she comes around, as well as learning how to cook a few good meals and even quickly reading up on topics like reflexology, tarot, psychic readings, palmistry – you know, the kind of stuff that women are so utterly entranced by in their spare time. Chapter 7 is really handy in that it tells guys where they can normally meet women.

It’s just lazy when supposed ‘gurus’ who have spent ‘years’ (ten years according to this guy) researching the sexes and relationships resort to these types of lazy, stereotypical declarations.

It’s all about social programming that has evolved over millennia and is what society has expected of both men and women – that is why we are so fundamentally different.

And he seems to think that all guys and all women are the same.

It would have been better titled ‘Dating Your Double’.

Well, I’m sure most guys wouldn’t argue with that claim!

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