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It was a one night stand with a pretty 22 year old nurse who had somehow ended up at a highschool graduation party. Oh, yes, actually I do have one: what do you want me to wear? She had followed his instruction and opened a fashion magazine, which judging from the way she was flipping through it, she was also not actually reading. He picked up his double espresso and strolled over to her, along the way signalling to the waitress he was moving table. Where you were, what he did to you, and you to him, how it felt, smelled, and so on. She had slept with four men in total, including Peter. In time, these fantasy rapes would become ever more violent. I'm not sure, but now that you mention it I do think I noticed him having a bulge in his pants once or twice, when he was punishing me. About half a year ago a friend of mine from college, Martha, asked if I wanted to join her on a trip to her folks house. I am pretty sure that what we both want is compatible. Nothing big, just some rings and hooks in strategic places in the walls and the ceiling, almost invisible if you didn't look for it. As appealing as that is as a mental picture, you and a group of equally pretty girls all naked in the shower, you can no longer do that. He stretched her a little, her arms above her head, and secured the rope. He focussed on her glorious ass first, 7 or 8 times, leaving beautiful welts, then moved up her back, each time a little higher. She kissed him back with equal passion, their tongues twisting and turning around eachother. He opened her labia and found that she was dripping wet. With his other hand he pushed a few strands of hair out of her face, kissed her gently on her lips and whispered Looks like we have a real pain slut here. Without warning he roughly pushed two fingers inside her pussy, all the way to his knuckles.

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They had settled in a town about 100 miles from Stockholm and had two beautiful daughters, Elena and Ina.

Her father was from the Philippines, her mother from his native Sweden.

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