Catalogz error when updating mcafee Free hardcore sex camchat

I'm getting these error messages about 3 times a day.

• You want clients to automatically detect the server locator points and management points without requiring Windows Internet Name Service (WINS).

If you do not extend the schema, WINS is required for automatic site assignment, roaming, and selection of a local management point.

Below is the error we got in epo Apsvr.log, we also checked multiple community discussions also but didn't find exact solution for this.

MA 4.8e PO 4.6.7VSE 8.8 On any given day we have a handful of agents that are not reporting their DAT's into e PO or cannot update their dat due to a current flaw in our image deployment process.

I'm using a 3rd party software deployment tool for the packages.

Scenario 1: After the install completes I see some strange repository behavior.

Only a single client task was ported from my prior install.

My prior installation ran my Master Repository Update task hourly (overkill).

Why would an agent know to use one of our repositories, but not the correct one?

Is there a way to remove wherever it is getting the repository list from?

Originally, the update task was running at the same time and two other tasks and thought this was the reason it was failing but we changed the schdule for the update to run and it still failed after the schdule change.

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