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The Char 2C is a Behemoth featured in the Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass expansion on two multiplayer maps.

The Char 2C is a powerful five-seater tank armed with a variety of mounted weapons.

Data Strobe is given using E (Enable) input of the LCD.

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The idea of 4 bit communication is introduced to save pins of a microcontroller.

You may think that 4 bit mode will be slower than 8 bit. As LCDs are slow speed devices, the tiny speed difference between these modes is not significant.

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Voltage at VEE determines the Contrast of the display.

A 10K potentiometer whose fixed ends are connected to Vcc, GND and variable end is connected to VEE can be used to adjust contrast.

However, due to development issues and the much cheaper FT-17 tank already being in French service, the Char 2C was not completed until after the war in 1921 and only 10 units were created.

The Char 2C was armed with a 75mm main gun and 4 secondary Hotchkiss 8mm machine gun ports.

The two turrets can be disabled by enemy fire, taking 30 seconds to self-repair.

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