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, Hope you all have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,, Bomb explosion @ Port Auth.

July 18, 2016: Kim Kardashian revealed the voicemail of Taylor "okaying" Kanye West's 'Famous' lyrics about her...

September 2016: Rumour has it that Tom is ready to call time on the relationship if they don't succeed in keeping it out of the public eye, as he's worried he's seen as a "laughing stock".

When you click on the link to cancel it, you’ve opened a cyber door that exposes sensitive information to scammers.

Another con: You get an unsolicited offer to renew a favorite magazine or service for a rock-bottom price.

ACTRESS FELICIA CHIN, on why she and actor Jeffrey Xu took almost a year to go public with their romance In contrast, the other two couples are more open about their affection for each other - to a certain extent.

MANY SHOPPING-RELATED SCAMS we are seeing now are aided by the growth of online shopping, smartphone app-based services and the sharing economy, in which companies offer services performed by independent contractors.

Those age 50 and older make up about 34 percent of the U. population, but they compose about 55 percent of the fraud victims reported to the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network. Here are some of the shopping scams the District of Columbia attorney general’s office has been seeing most frequently at the beginning of 2017.

Businesses sometimes advertise a product or service at an irresistible price.

It's strange that after being practically inseparable since they starting dating in June, the pair have barely been seen in public since the drama surrounding Kanye West/Kim Kardashian voicemail came out...

Or maybe they're just deciding to enjoy a bit of private time?

These developments have created a separation between the consumers and merchants, which often makes it harder to get money back when the goods or services the customers receive are shoddy, or not what was promised.

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