Dating gretsch country gentleman

Go forward in time and they're a key part of the sound of AC/DC, Brian Setzer and many others.

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Many would say that the modern era of music was cemented when the Beatles landed on the Ed Sullivan show, and right there, front and center, was George Harrison's Country Gentleman.

Trace time back a little farther and you find a Gretsch in the hands of Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Duane Eddy and of course, Chet Atkins.

(Note: Upon close examination of the film footage, the guitar Nesmith identifies as a Country Gentleman is actually a Gretsch Tennessean.

When the pilot episode aired, the music scenes had been re-shot.

Chuck Berry also played the Duo Jet when he recorded his first major hit, Maybellene and is pictured on his LP After School Session.

Two other models were introduced - the Country Club, and the White Falcon.The company was founded in 1883 by Friedrich Gretsch, a 27-year-old German immigrant, shortly after his arrival to the United States.Friedrich Gretsch manufactured banjos, tambourines, and drums until his death in 1895. moved operations to Brooklyn, New York where Gretsch went on to become one of the most prominent manufacturers of American musical instruments.Most modern-era Gretsch guitars are manufactured in the Far East, though American-made "Custom Shop" models are available.In 2003, Gretsch entered a business agreement with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC). Gretsch would retain ownership while FMIC would handle most of the development, distribution and sales.Gretsch quickly became a legitimate competitor to both Gibson and its main rivals, Fender and Rickenbacker.

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