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Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to charge for any and all Alibaba Cloud Services or any feature or functionality of the Alibaba Cloud Services at any time in its sole discretion.

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The Alibaba Cloud Services do not include any content or services made available to you by any third party on the Alibaba Cloud Platform (including any third party content provided on the International Marketplace) or in conjunction with the Alibaba Cloud Services.

2.2 Some products, services, promotions, campaigns, service level agreements, guarantees, and/or other forms of offerings may only apply to customers in particular locations (including as may be described in the regional pages of the Alibaba Cloud Platform) (the “Regional Offerings”).

No warranty or representation is given that a particular feature or function or the same type and extent of features and functions will be available in all countries and regions or for all users.

Alibaba Cloud may in its sole discretion limit, deny or create different levels of access to and use of any Alibaba Cloud Services (or any features comprised therein) with respect to different users.

2.6 Subject to any specific terms of service of any particular Alibaba Cloud Service, Alibaba Cloud has the right to change, upgrade, modify, limit or suspend the Alibaba Cloud Services or any of its related functionalities or applications at any time temporarily or permanently under the following terms: (a) With respect to cloud computing products and services, Alibaba Cloud has the right to introduce or remove features, functionalities, applications or conditions to the existing or future versions of the products and services.

All new features, functionalities, applications, conditions, modifications, upgrades and alterations shall be governed by this Agreement and the relevant terms of service for the products or services, unless otherwise stated by Alibaba Cloud.

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, we may refuse to do so for any of the following reasons:(a) where your Account was previously terminated due to a breach of this Agreement; or(b) where you are likely to breach any of the representations and warranties under Clause 3 and/or 9. Use of Alibaba Cloud Services 2.1 You may access, purchase, subscribe to, or use any and all of the products or services made available by Alibaba Cloud in accordance with the Terms and any specific service level agreements (“SLAs”) prescribed by Alibaba Cloud in relation to such products or services (the “Alibaba Cloud Services”) via your Account.

The Alibaba Cloud Services include the cloud computing products and services offered by Alibaba Cloud (including the associated application programming interfaces (“APIs”)), the trademarks, service marks, logos, and other Intellectual Property Rights (as hereafter defined) of Alibaba Cloud and its affiliates made available to you, and the functions, features, and content of your Account and the Alibaba Cloud Platform.

You further agree that Alibaba Cloud shall not be liable to you, your users or any third party, for any loss or damages arising from unauthorized use of your user name or password, or any other failure by you, your employees, agents, affiliates or representatives, to comply with this Clause 2.3.

2.4 Alibaba Cloud may suspend or terminate all or part of the free Alibaba Cloud Services at any time in its sole discretion.

By completing the registration process for an Account and clicking the “I agree” button, you agree to be bound by this Agreement as well as the terms and conditions of the following: (a) Alibaba Cloud International Website Terms of Use; (b) Alibaba Cloud Product Terms of Service; (c) Privacy Policy; and (d) any other website or service rules and policies as adopted and published on the Alibaba Cloud Platform from time to time, (all of the above collectively referred to as the “Terms”).

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