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But the most important thing that distinguishes our product - this is an great love our suppliers to they “child” – they business, to the fact that they produce their own hands! You’d heard so much about it, this mysterious luxury: tiny black pearls so exquisite in flavor and texture. And there it was: salty and fishy, a little black mound on a little fat pancake with some sour creamy spread. Surely, few people fall for caviar upon first bite.

It takes those second, third and fourth bites to get it.

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Beluga can weigh as much as 2,000 pounds and live as long as 100 years.

The most rare and expensive beluga's caviar is appreciated for the size and buttery taste of the caviar grains.

Dating back 250 million years to prehistoric times, the sturgeon has been a part of the Middle Eastern and Eastern Europe diet for the majority of man's history.

Sturgeon fish lived on Earth since prehistoric times , as evidenced by the remains found their cartilaginous skeletons.

Part of those celebrations will take place in Baku's city square, which forms the F1 paddock area.

The smooth and natural taste and size of roe coming from sturgeon bred in such water greatly exceeds the features of roe coming from the fish kept in natural waters. Ltd.” specializes in importing fine delicacies and premium products only from trusted manufacturers .

Cosmopolitan and at times chaotic, Baku has a bit of everything.

On the western shores of the Caspian Sea, Baku is the largest city in Caucasus and it’s developing at a rapid pace.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix organisers want the Baku race to return to a June slot on the 2019 Formula 1 calendar despite asking for an April date on the '18 schedule.

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