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We also recruit surrogates via the IVF clink directly NO SUB AGENTS are used by us.This means we get a higher success rate as competed to any other IVF clinic. let the IVF doctor prepares the donor, the surrogate and our doctor being the embryologist also helps.

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The following are the 3 major agreements / contracts that will be signed between the IP and the Surrogate/ Agency.

Both parents will be required to stay for a maximum of three weeks.

The surrogate preparation time is approximately 2-3 weeks.

After the embryo transfer, the surrogates stays in a single bedroom self-contained apartment This means that the surrogates are well looked after and are always under the care of the doctor or his team. An FSH level of more than 10 m IU/ml but less than 14 m IU/ml is suggestive of Incipient Ovarian Failure and that above 14 m IU/ml suggests Established Ovarian Failure.

In any case, we customize every package for each IP.

Please make sure you visit our site on Facebook - Most of the times Clinic do have a good number of egg donors ready to donate at any given time.

The IM will be required to take two injections daily for approx.

10 days within which you will have formed multiple mature eggs in both your ovaries. on day 13 and the Embryo Transfer into the surrogate on day 15.

Intented Mother ( IM) would need to be in the clinic a few days prior to the menses so that the clinic can run some tests along with a physical examination.

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