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Another "tradition" is some of them are rude so BEWARE and only ask questions in /newbie because the people in /normal will chew you up with their harsh words.

About: Random food fights and huggles are given here.

Du Vall has gotten together with director Edgar Johnson to not only do a documentary on his old band but to also shine the light on the inclusive and explosive punk scene in Atlanta. But when Neon Christ reunited for one show in February 2008 and all these 15 and 16 year old kids were singing our songs back to us, it was very moving, and not just because it was a pleasantly surprising ego rush.

You may know William Du Vall as the lead vocalist for the resurrected Alice In Chains, but what you may not know is that William Du Vall cut his musical teeth in the 80’s punk rock/hardcore scene in Atlanta.

Du Vall played guitar in the underground band Neon Christ during the 80’s and the band was a mainstay in the punk rock/hardcore scene in Atlanta.

Many of the teenage boys in /normal are called perverts.

This is the channel where many noobs (not to be confused with newbs) seem to wander into from /newbie.

Of course they need instructions on how to get back to /c newbie, which seems to be difficult for them after the managed to get out of it.

This is also the place where pizzaclone tells about how his quest is going for collecting every sword in the game.

From Hot Topic to corporate sponsorship at the warped tour to punk on Broadway; what’s your take on punk rock in 2011?

About: Newbie gets all the new inquisitive players and as such gets a mix of idiots, asshats, and scammers alongside some of the freshest, least snobby and most uninhibited players in Ko L.

So when Penelope Spheeris’s film “The Decline of Western Civilization” came to the Du Pont Circle Theater in D. in early ’81, I begged my grandfather to take me to see it. The sound of Greg Ginn’s guitar, the way he attacked it, Chuck Dukowski breaking himself into pieces on his bass, Ron Reyes (Dez’s predecessor on vocals) hurling himself into the crowd, the band and the audience all lurching and colliding as one, it was all so extreme. The first “hardcore” bands in Atlanta were DDT and AVOC (Awareness Void Of Chaos), both circa ’82.

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