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Human Rights Watch documented cases where girls as young as seven were married.Child marriage is deeply embedded in Tanzanian society.

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Human Rights Watch investigated the factors contributing to child marriage, the severe harms and rights abuses associated with it, and the risks girls face when they resist marriage.

We also examined the gaps in the child protection system, the lack of protection for victims of child marriage, and the many obstacles they face in attempting to obtain redress, as well as shortcomings in existing laws and plans to combat child marriage.

“Female genital mutilation” or FGM refers to the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia for non-medical purposes. was 14, her father told her he wanted her to marry a 34-year-old man who already had one wife.

He told her that he had already received a dowry payment of 4 cows and 700,000 Tanzanian Shillings (TSh) (US$435).

Child marriage undermines access to education - limiting girls’ life opportunities and their ability and confidence to make informed decisions about their lives.

Girls told Human Rights Watch that their parents or guardians withdrew them from school to marry, and they found it difficult to return to school after marriage.

Although Matilda had passed her exams and had been admitted to secondary school, her father told her: “You cannot continue with your education.

You have to get married because this man has already paid dowry for you.” She pleaded with him to allow her to continue her education, but he refused. I couldn’t go to school, dowry was paid, and I could not disobey my father.

In many cultures in Tanzania, girls are generally considered ready for marriage when they reach puberty and marriage is viewed as a way to protect them from pre-marital sex and pregnancy that undermine family honor and may decrease the amount of dowry a family may receive.

Cultural practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM) also contribute to child marriage in some communities.

Child labor in Tanzania may also be associated with a significant increase in marriage at an earlier age, as girls who face abuse and exploitation in their workplaces see marriage as a way to escape their suffering.

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