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Never mind that a judge ruled the six kilograms of cannabis police found in his car was for severely ill patients at a medical marijuana dispensary.Or that the same judge imposed only a minimum sentence because anything more would fail to maintain "a just, peaceful and safe society." He's a criminal — and so are scores of other Canadians who face barriers to travel and work because they were caught with a drug that the government now intends to legalize."My charge wasn't like, 'He was practising civil disobedience at a place that was helping sick and dying people improve the quality of their last days on earth,"' Richardson said.

The idea that it won’t come out in good measure for both parties is preposterous. states that might have the most political clout in upcoming trade debates, with several having been won at least once by Barack Obama, swung to Donald Trump, and exporting heavily to Canada.

I mean, the idea that it won’t be continuing a strong relationship is something, I think, people shouldn’t even waste time thinking about. Us starting to do tit-for-tat ultimately creates more trouble.” Trudeau’s keynote speech to the annual state-governors’ conference in Rhode Island is titled: “Collaborating to Create Tomorrow’s Global Economy.” Canadian officials say the long-term objective here is to create relationships that could prove useful, should trade talks hit a difficult patch and Canada find itself in need of allies willing to speak up in favour of NAFTA. The Canadian contingent is poised to hold individual meetings with about half of the three-dozen governors present.

The previous Conservative government overhauled the pardon system in 2012, making it more expensive and rigorous.

Pardons, now called record suspensions, seal a criminal record to allow offenders who have lived crime-free to reintegrate, get better jobs and travel abroad.

"Prohibition was not a well-intentioned failure but a terrible policy that caused a lot of harm." Retired corporal Clayton Goodwin, who represents a group called Veterans for the Use of Medical Marijuana, said he began growing medical pot to treat severe insomnia and stress triggered by serving in the Arctic during constant sunlight.

In 2008, police raided his Sarnia, Ont., home and found 22 immature plants, 95 grams of processed marijuana, morphine tablets and a shotgun in a closet without a trigger lock. I'm Métis, I consider it a cultural aspect," he said recently, adding he didn't have any ammunition. And more than anything, he said he's suffered mentally and emotionally.

with different levels of government and ensuring we speak to Canadians who have been impacted." Simon Fraser University criminologist Neil Boyd said criminal convictions have significant effects on people's abilities to travel and work.

Though pot possession doesn't carry the same stigma as other crimes, it's still a conviction that may be weighed against a job seeker, he said.

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