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But the show’s devoted followers know that this plot gimmick is incidental. The real point of Carrie’s mad dash downtown is to allow her to wax poetic about the connections between love and the stock market.

Carrie’s fondness for heavy-handed metaphors aside, ”Sex and the City”’s weekly theme-on-a-platter device has served the show well.

(A visit to a trendy raw-food restaurant in the second episode leads to a carnal marathon with a twentysomething waiter.) And Carrie, the ultimate wonderer, hits ambivalent-relationship pay dirt after just two dates with puppyish writer Jack Berger (Ron Livingston), who seemed like a hot commodity when we first met him last season.

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When I began to admit getting bullied was more details on being afraid to have a stand, I began to develop the courage to refuse to the bullies.

Some things, like your portfolio and your love life, are governed by forces that defy analysis.

And in that regard, it’s a fitting beginning to the beginning of the end.

The season premiere is entitled ”To Market, to Market,” and sure enough, the girls are back on it.

After the brief season 5 downturn that followed the big crash of season 4 (in which Carrie broke off her engagement, Charlotte got divorced, Miranda had a baby, and Samantha fell disastrously in love), the girls were due for a correction.

So Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) reverts to on-again, off-again relationship hell when she discovers, to her horror, that she’s still ”invested” in her relationship with Steve (David Eigenberg). (”All of a sudden, I looked over at him and I realized, We belong together,” she tells Carrie.

”So I picked a huge fight and threw him out of my apartment.”) Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is once again back to flogging the marriage horse.

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