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You can also click the add button to manually add music that may not be in your i Tunes library.

If you're manually adding files, you'll need to locate them on your computer, music files are usually stored in the Music folder.

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Finding itune folders and consolidating

You can use the dedicated software from Samsung, HTC and Sony, or use the mass storage mode available for all Android devices.

In order to copy your i Tunes music collection onto your Android device, you'll first need to transfer all of your music files into the i Tunes Media folder on your computer.

Otherwise, click on the Start menu again and choose Computer.

Your phone should be visible in the main window under Devices, or on the left-hand side under Computer.

Click This Computer to view the songs you've just added from your i Tunes collection. After a few seconds, your selection will be copied to your phone.

You'll be offered a variety of sources from which to transfer music to your Sony Xperia.

Some i Tunes users have found that the application loses track of songs.

When the issue manifests, any attempts to play some songs are met with error messages indicating that i Tunes cannot find a specified file.

Ensure these files and folders exist, and are appropriately named.

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