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3-14 15 Feb 01 The Good, the Bad and the Cursed 59.

” Josh, trying to win back his mother’s favor, coyly alludes to them dating. You wouldn’t know what love was if it straddled your stupid face.

Did someone put stellar acting in the water over on the set that day? Everyone is like, “Why do you have the rabbi’s number?

If you haven't played the previous episodes, you'll need these phone numbers in the game: Lindsey - 0785, Anna - 0919, Lindsey Pro - 0423 Greetings and welcome to Horny - where Hentai and Sex Games Rule!

Try arranging some models for a photo shoot and see how difficult it is in this fun game where you'll definitely get to see some fit bodies ready for action !

Maura and Shelley talk about Ed’s end-of-life directives, in which he asked for “no extreme measures.” Shelley is very stressed about taking care of him, and Maura suggests they “put him somewhere,” but Shelley won’t hear it. Bianca does some teenagery thing, and Josh is like, “Oh, this is a child.” But he will probably have sex with her anyway because he can’t not. The contrast between younger Shelley and older Shelley is one I think a lot of older people, and certainly my own parents, experienced, which is the concept of becoming more liberal as you age. “Seems my kids abandoned me at a critical moment,” Maura says. They talk about what a great shiva they could have. (Pun intended.) As they’re talking, we see from Ed’s point of view. Shelley dotes on him and he says simply, “I’m just here to make you happy.” He’s a much simpler creature than Mort turned out to be, and at the time, he seems like just what Shelley needed.

Back in 1994, Mort tells Shelley he lied about the conference. In 2014, Shelley asks Maura, “Now that you want to be a woman all the time, do you still want to date women? You’d think it’d be the opposite, but actually, getting older allows you to stop worrying so much about what other people think of you or of anyone else. Then, because she’s unflappable, Tammy says, “I know something about being jealous because people have been jealous of me my entire life.” It is so funny, and Melora Hardin delivers it with effortless confidence. Josh and Raquel are lounging and Bianca is back, but Raquel’s cool with it. It reminds me of that old Jewish joke: How many Jewish mothers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? I hate how his emotional manipulation of Raquel is totally going to work, isn’t it? Syd by-accident-on-purpose lets slip to Ali that she and Josh hang out and trade records. “Yeah,” Len jokes, “our main problem was your tits were too big for me.” Sarah rolls around on the bed, knowing exactly what she’s doing and loving the power she still holds over her ex-husband. “Both of your tits.” Josh and Raquel hang out at his house when Bianca comes in. Josh says, “I’m not a congregant.” Raquel counters that he’s on the temple newsletter, so he is. “I feel terrible constantly, constantly,” Syd says. You’re not listening to me.” Carrie Brownstein is acting out of her head in this scene. This sudden Syd-loves-Ali story line doesn’t sit right with me. Ali tells Syd about how she walked into Dale’s house and it looked totally different — no longer a cabin, now just a regular house. She says when she was a kid, her mom made her learn the alphabet with cutouts of letters because she’s a tactile learner. Sarah and Len smoke together and continue to flirt. Josh is like, “No big deal, she’s living here.” Raquel freaks out. I am so used to seeing her in comedic roles on , so to watch her play this super-sad part is really startling. In 1994, Maura shows herself to Shelley for the first time and says, “It’s me. At synagogue, Josh waits outside for Rabbi Raquel and apologizes. Bye.” Josh wants to wait while she teaches her class. Josh has the response of a college senior trying to get laid by a freshman girl and says, “Why are we in a rush? I want to get a cake that says “Congrats on All Your Healthy Decisions! At the same time, Ali is finding out about Syd and Josh’s hookup, and Ali is bewildered that Syd could do this without considering Ali’s feelings. Since eighth grade, she’s had feelings for Ali, and Ali hurts her all the time. Syd says if she’s feeling possessive about Syd and Josh, doesn’t that mean she likes Syd — even just a little? I’m not sure I buy that Syd would sleep with Josh because she’s been into Ali. She is reluctant, as she should be, because he sucks. ” He throws in her face that she brought up her dying eggs on their first date. She could get fired for fucking a congregant, does he even care about that? Syd breaks down and, with tears in her eyes, says, “You make me feel bad all the time.” Syd brings up the time she drove to visit Ali at college because Ali invited her and then Syd just hung out with Ali's roommate while she fucked some guy, or the time she just bought Ali drugs and Ali chose to do them with some guy. Does she just want to be a Pfefferman by any means necessary? Because Sarah is the worst, she immediately starts bitching about Tammy and her remodeling to Len. She’s tearing up the inside of the Pfefferman’s old home even though Josh told her not to.

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