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Plus, to keep things simple and interesting for those wanting to learn more about the Chinese Zodiac, it was easier to provide a simple, basic translation so everyone could participate in finding out more about their animal counterpart and characteristics.

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While such attributes can enrich any other relationship, it is all the more special between two Pigs since they are best placed to understand and appreciate their wanderings together through a dream world.

While the frequent imaginative flights of a Pig might appear escapist to the more practical sign like the Ox or even passive to their intense and energetic Dragon, it is the perfect way for a fellow Pig to spend time in each other’s company.

High points of a Pig-Pig love match A defining characteristic of the Pig personality is their rich imagination which lends a many-hued creativity to their lives, including romantic relationships.

Thus a Pig-Pig pair can be trusted to have a fantastic courtship, full of old-world romance and deep emotional intimacy.

Challenges of a Pig-Pig love match However the emotionality of this sign also poses the biggest challenge to the Pig-Pig pair.

In a relationship where both partners seek to view experiences through the prism of feelings, reality can get distorted and small issues often blown out of proportion.

However, very little credence is given to the fact that the elements and other properties are part of the Chinese Zodiac and are therefore very important when calculating one’s Zodiac.

Without taking this fact into consideration, it is not possible to garner a complete and accurate analysis or forecast of oneself, only a very basic interpretation.

The Chinese Zodiac is said to be more than 2,000 years old, emerging from the Han Dynasty.

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