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In terms of hierarchy, a simple Music library structure looks like the following: Music This configuration requires you to run separate Artist and Release folder trees in the lower levels of the hierarchy, but it does allow you to restrict apps to specific file types.Say, for example, you want your Sonos speakers to only stream lossless audio.Click that, then make sure the box next to Music is checked.

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In order to most effectively manage audio Tracks, they must first be added to the Library.

This is done automatically the first time the application is run.

In each artist folder, create sub-folders for each release.

Each release folder includes the audio tracks and cover artwork (named which is the standard nomenclature, ensuring artwork appears in your favorite media players).

And if you prefer to your music, versus renting it in perpetuity via a streaming service, you’re likely still either buying (and ripping) CDs or purchasing digital downloads.

But like your neighbor’s well-kept garden, the secret to a strong music library is regular maintenance.In your case, open the /Users/ Sidebar and click the checkbox by Music to have it appear in the Sidebar.If the i Tunes folder isn't in the Music folder, then in Spotlight type i Tunes and see if it shows as a folder under FOLDERS.Subsequently, you can initiate this process manually: You'll be prompted to choose what types of audio files to scan for, to modify which folders to scan, or set other options.Once you press 'Ok', Media Monkey will scan the selected locations for the types of files that you chose, and: ).Then, click on the word Finder at the top of your computer next to the  symbol, then click Preferences.

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