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Here comes my first public book review: Boundaries in Dating, by Cloud and Townsend.

I chose this because I liked topic, it was simple to read, and was cheap for my Kindle.

Remain true to your authentic self yet remember there are different layers of the truth, so use discretion to determine the appropriate layer to articulate at various points in a new relationship.

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I’m talking about personal things that a prospective partner needs to know before taking the relationship deeper, such as a medical or mental health condition, financial challenges, that you survived some serious trauma, etc.

Usually, this is not in the first date or two, but might be at a point where you are ready to take things to the bedroom or talk about exclusivity.

However, in my practice I see that over-sharing is a very common dating faux pas.

I recently attended a professional networking event and was happy to meet a sharply dressed, attractive woman with a bright smile and impressive credentials.

This will allow your heart and mind to process your feelings and give you some clarity about how to proceed at a healthy rate.

• Share important information at a time that is appropriate in the relationship--before the point they will feel betrayed that you didn’t tell them sooner.

We all have boundaries---physical, sexual, financial, informational, etc.

We each have a responsibility to set and maintain healthy boundaries in our relationships. They should not be so firm that they prevent intimacy, as in the case where people have emotional walls that were erected after prior relationship trauma.

Avoid conversation about past relationship and dating woes, politics and religion. • Share enough about yourself that you are allowing the other person to get to know you, but not to the point of over-sharing. “I’m the youngest of four in a loud, eccentric Irish family” versus “I’m the spoiled baby of the family, my dad is a drunk and my sister is a stripper” or “My ex-wife and I were married young and it didn’t work out” versus “My ex-wife was a psycho-bitch who slept with my business partner.”) Since much of communication is non-verbal, pay attention to body language (looking away, shifting in their chair, glancing at their phone, etc.) to see if you need to real it in...

Even excessive work talk can make it feel more like an interview than a love connection. • Ensure the sharing is mutual and reciprocal so it is not a one-way conversation.

Marter has been consulted as a psychological expert on television, radio and in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and U.

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