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The contract marks the summit of a meteoric rise for the comedian, who spent many years working in 'dead-end' jobs in call centres and supermarkets before trying his luck on the comedy circuit.But, despite the plaudits and multi-million-pound salary, there is still one person who has failed to embrace his success.

A gag on house-hunting, for instance - 'They said it was split-level and open-plan, but so is an NCP car park' - always got a giggle.

As did his gag about today's penchant for silly children's names - 'The other day I was served by a girl in Boots called Mmmm... With his trademark gap-toothed smile and thick glasses, Alan has a face you can't forget.

Instead, Alan told his father he was enrolling at Middlesex University to study performing arts - a moment he jokingly refers to in his stage show: Father: 'Alan, why are you doing this to me?

' Alan: 'I don't know, Dad, but I can show you through expressive dance.' Despite their differences, father and son remain close, and Alan insists that both his parents are proud of him.

But when he put his hand in his pocket they started to become violent towards him.

Chris Taylor Chris Taylor was a journalist who Amy met in her part-time job with (WENN) World Entertainment News Network.

Soul singer Amy saw sparks fly with both men before the beehive-loving beauty tragically died from alcohol poisoning in 2011.

Film director Reg was Amy's last love before she passed away. Amy's dad, Mitch Winehouse, dropped a huge hint things were getting serious between the pair when he wrote in his book they planned to marry and start a family.

Me and Justin [his comedy partner on The Sunday Night Project, Justin Lee Collins] were asked to present Kylie with a gong at last year's Q Awards.

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