Men to avoid in dating

This guy is moving strictly off of ulterior motives and is only contacting you when it suits his agenda.Similar to a game of cards, he will never show you his full hand.He uses deflection to make things “your fault” because it is easier than addressing his own behavior.

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This guy often communicates with his friends on a constant basis and accompanies the boys to every party or function. Failure to detect these manipulative masterminds could result in an episode of Jerry Springer.

(In the most extreme cases of course.) The Smooth Operator is much like the Revolving Door in that he ALWAYS possess an ulterior motive.

He might even attempt to serenade you with fictional or overly exaggerated war stories to solidify his masculinity.

(Ex: “Yea I almost beat him up…and his goldfish too”.) More often than not, this is a form of insecurity, and has absolutely nothing to do with you.

However, never underestimate a guy’s ability to succumb to peer pressure.

While the wing man might even be a great catch, when it comes down to saving face for his friends or saving his relationship with you, the odds are not in your favor.

Here are five type of men to avoid along the way: This guy will seize any and every opportunity to talk about himself.

If he isn’t leading the conversation, he seems uninterested.

The world of dating can be an exciting and adventurous place.

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