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Hundreds of family members checked into the emergency shelter Friday morning at Oak Hammock Middle School in Fort Myers a few days ahead of Hurricane Irma.

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Oak Hammock Middle School has become an emergency storm shelter for residents in the area.

There was a line out the door for hours as families registered for a spot to wait out hurricane Irma.The 29-year-old male escort, who goes by the username Aussie Male Escort, took to Reddit to invite people to ask him anything they wanted about his job.In a post, he wrote: 'I'm the number one male escort in the world AMA (ask me anything)!He revealed that they often say: 'I love you' and he has to come up with a response that isn't 'I love you too' but doesn't hurt their feelings.Thousands of people line up Saturday to enter a hurricane shelter at Germain Arena in Estero, Florida. Residents throughout Florida are seeking last minute shelter in advance of Hurricane Irma.Amy Oshier shares a report from a Race Trac gas station located at Colonial and Winkler Blvd in Fort Myers where she reports there is gas available at every pump as of p.m. 5, 2017 in advance of category 5 storm Hurricane Irma.

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