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"high" fashion) images of Quechua mountain people, the descendants of the Incas, in their brightly-coloured traditional dress, holding flutes and wearing what look like giant mops on their heads.

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The four people who were on the dancefloor looked like they were having seizures. Gotica is a mega-club in Larcomar, with an astronomical $16 cover (by Peruvian standards) that keeps out the gringo riff-raff who rather drink cheaply and talk sports in the hostel bar.

I’m pretty confident the DJ killed small furry animals as a child. It’s not easy to work the club solo due to its impersonal size, but it had the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in my life.

For me, Testino's Diana images are a side issue, but they are here because they made him famous; in other rooms there are images of Madonna and Kate Moss, but they are not what I am here for either.

I am most interested in Testino's stylised Alta Moda (i.e.

Up in the mountain city of Cusco, where tourists gather like salmon readying themselves for the arduous journey to one of the travel wonders of the world – the "lost" city of Machu Picchu – Chambi stands for the traditional, cultural, age-old Peru that attracted tourists here in the first place.

From the evidence of Lima – one of the fastest growing destination cities by international overnight visitors – Peru is in a good situation right now.

Some were friendly, some weren’t, but it’s quite a feeling to be standing with your manly beer and looking down at this sea of fine exotic women.

Believe me when I say I savored the moment, and I would have taken a picture for you with my second disposable camera had it not been stolen while I danced.

A short flight from Lima's airport, I've stepped out into the Andes.

Clear, thin air, an intense afternoon sun, vibrant colours, aged ochre stone.

A cover gets you into El Dragon with a free Pisco Sour.

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