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The communication to the public of the cut-out must therefore be regarded as an infringement.

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Pictures as ‘teasers’ and citations Another interesting part of the decision is the court’s considerations with regard to the publication on of parts of the pictures.

To the detriment of, but possibly to the benefit of other publishers and bloggers, the Court of Appeal decided that the publication might have been considered a non-infringing ‘teaser’ or a legitimate ‘citation’, if the photos had been published legitimately.

Moreover GS Media failed to comply with another condition of art 15a AW, e.g.

It did not clearly indicate the name of the maker with the photos.

In this case the work was illegitimately communicated to the public by a third person.

GS Media was aware of this, proceeded with the publication anyway.

“Not even in the broad definition of the term ‘portrait’.” In anticipation of things to come This isn’t an isolated incident, of course.

The questions asked in this case have been asked in many European courts and, fortunately, have reached the European Court of Justice as well: “If anyone other than the holder of copyright in a certain work supplies a clickable link to the work on his website, does that constitute communication to the public?

In article 15a of the Dutch Copyright Act, conditions are given for legitimate citations.

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