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With their payroll slated to once again soar into the luxury tax, the Cavs will have only the taxpayer mid-level exception, worth just under .2 million per year, and veteran's minimum contracts with which to fill out their roster.

Tucker, for his part, made .3 million this past season.

The Warriors won't be without their challenges this summer.

In that case, it's possible that no other contender will be just one piece away from knocking the Dubs off their perch.

But that doesn't mean the rest of the league can, should or will stop trying.

The Rockets, though, have the requisite recruiters to at least bend Gibson's ear.

He's not an Angeleno by birth, but his ties to the Los Angeles area run deep, dating back to his prep school and college days.

The Houston Rockets, who succumbed to Golden State in the 2015 Western Conference Finals, have already fired off shots by bringing on Chris Paul.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, now 1-2 against the Warriors in the championship series, could be angling for a game-changing trade of their own.Paul George) to form a Big Three with James Harden and Chris Paul, what this club needs now is another frontcourt player who can shoot, crash the glass and—above all—credibly defend multiple positions.Mike D'Antoni's rotation lost two such potential pieces, in Montrezl Harrell and Sam Dekker, as recompense for CP3.During the 2017 Eastern Conference Finals, the C's came out ahead on the glass just once: in Game 5, which they lost by 33 points.Griffin won't plug that hole all on his own, but he will help.And the Celtics won't beat the Cavaliers in a series until they beef up their board work.

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