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Running is a simple (and cheap) way to keep fit, as well as a great mood lifter – scientific studies say a 30 minute workout five days a week will help keep you happy and less stressed.

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Expect to pay £80-150 for a good-quality pair and, unfortunately for us girls, colour options can be limited, often rather annoyingly to pink and purple.

But style aside, performance is the most important factor and we’ve found eight that really excel. Merrell Womens All Out Crush Light: £90, Merrell Outdoor adventure brand Merrell has a range of trail shoes to help you run across any terrain.

You use the drawstring fastening around the ankle (rather than laces) when putting on, resulting in your feet staying dry whatever you run through – make sure you’re wearing socks that cover your ankles though to stop any blisters forming (we learnt the hard way).

The only negative is that they are heavy; you can feel them as you move which becomes increasingly more noticeable the longer you run for.

Although the colour options are a little disappointing their performance more than made up for it.

They’re a comfortable fit that has enough cushioning for support but not too much it affects your run.Purpose built for hard-core terrain and wet and muddy weather, they’re not for those who are just doing the odd run here or there.These trainers provide an extremely stable run – the grip was excellent, even in puddles, and you could maintain a steady pace through muddy fields too.Great across mixed terrain and wet or dry ground, these are an all-rounder when it comes to running trainers. You don’t get sweaty feet or damp socks in rainy weather and Merrell gets bonus points for making them vegan friendly. Asics Dynaflyte: £130, Asics Designed for long-distance running, these trainers are extremely comfortable.There’s lots of cushioning thanks to Asics’ Flyte Foam midsole, which also absorbs the initial impact of your foot hitting the ground well, making you feel stable and balanced while running.Questions have been raised about the effectiveness of gait analysis on reducing injury though.

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