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Vause's first encounter with her ex-girlfriend in prison is not positive.

Piper refuses to acknowledge her due to her assumption that Alex named her and is therefore the cause of her arrest, but Alex insists that she had not named her as a suspect.

She is then punished by Red herself for giving Piper food by enduring the punishment as Piper.

She appears to have moments of depression, telling Nicky that she can no longer "get past the swirling darkness in her brain long enough to land on anything" and mentioning to Piper that upon entering prison, she was on anti-depressants, which she now trades for black eyeliner.

Vause's mother died from an aneurysm during Vause and Chapman's relationship; Alex finds this out just as Piper is preparing to leave her.

After Larry Bloom lies to Piper on the advice of his father, telling Piper that Alex did not name her as an accomplice, Alex and Piper reconcile.

During Taystee's goodbye party, Alex and Piper dance together provocatively.

He subsequently became her industry contact in a drug cartel led by kingpin Kubra Balik.

Alex then worked as a smuggler and dealer for many years.

She has a penchant for dark lipstick when seen in flashbacks.

She is a fan of tattoos and displays quite a few proudly.

Alex Vause is a tall (5'10"), athletically built woman.

In "Thirsty Bird" Piper, incorrectly, states that Alex is 5'9".

Alex gradually integrated Piper into the drug trade while they traveled the world living in luxury.

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