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It began in 2013, over six years after I first began listening to the band in earnest.

I was twenty years old and though I’d long since stopped subscribing to Alternative Press, I bought the September issue because the cover story was a piece commemorating the tenth anniversary of Take This to Your Grave, FOB’s first official album.

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The conclusion I came to begins like this: if you take away all of our connections to this band, if we detach our meanings and put them aside for a moment, the case of Pete Wentz the Rapist is unavoidably made.

As stated, he dated a fifteen-year-old when he was twenty-three.

Allow me to direct your ears toward the band’s most recent album, Resurrection, released in the wake of former guitarist Steve Klein’s trial for lewd conduct with a minor.

As this shitstain of a review explains, though Steve Klein continues to deny the allegations, his former bandmates have released an album eviscerating him to power chords, calling him out and describing why, exactly, they cut him off.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I knew the facts, and so did most of my friends. It was someone’s responsibility to protect us from him, and whoever was supposed to do that job failed, simply and utterly. Here’s the answer: his bandmates, who have yet to denounce or even mention his behavior; his friends and managers and publicists, who should have known better; and the music community at large, a community which (like most other business endeavors) profits off of the exploitation of teenage girls.

Fall Out Boy made millions and millions of dollars off of Pete Wentz’s marketability to teenage girls. At the Disco, Paramore, and tons of other bands made millions and millions of dollars off of Pete Wentz’s marketability to teenage girls.

His relationship with her was the inspiration for Take This To Your Grave, the soundtrack to revenge porn before “revenge porn” was a thing.

Pete Wentz is an abuser, and he and his bandmates and everyone else involved in the functioning of Fall Out Boy is directly profiting off of the exploitation of a child.

This, of course, is not something I picked up on immediately.

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