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Sometimes this is unintentional, particularly when the subject is heated and controversial; there’s a tendency to assume that we know more about what the “other side” is thinking and is intentional, it’s annoying at best.People are quickly going to get frustrated constantly having to correct you or pointing out that they never said what you’re accusing them of.

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– is far more effective for making actually persuasive arguments.

Attacking them, on the other hand, just shuts things down. While we’re at it: When we get into arguments – especially over topics and opinions we feel strongly about – there’s a tendency to quit listening to what the other person is saying and to argue against what we think – a form of argument known as a “straw man”.

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The fact that you may disagree with someone doesn’t necessitate that disagreement, nor does having an opinion mean that you absolutely must make your position known.

Yeah, you may have strong feelings about the topic… Ask yourself: what, exactly, is the purpose of sharing your opinion at this particular moment?This becomes significant because mistaking one for the other is part of how you get singled out as being an asshole.If you’re presenting your opinion in a way that focuses less on the subject and more on the person you’re disagreeing with, then you can count down the time until you get ignored, blocked or banhammered in minutes.does and trying to drag other people into it is a quick way to end up alone.Being “right” is a hollow victory when it comes with a side of “…and this is why nobody likes you.” One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they’re trying to express an unpopular or opposing opinion is that they aren’t having an argument, they’re having a the other person either literally or metaphorically.Just as with getting angry or defensive, annoying people through straw-manning is counter-productive; annoying people is a great way to get ignored and/or banned.

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