Dating for depressives

Sadly, too few people yet realize bipolar cheating is one of the most typical bipolar symptoms of all.

The cause is the hypersexuality, impaired judgement, poor impulse control, and grandiosity – scary bipolar symptoms – all brought on by mania.

The cure is to stabilize the bipolar spouse and stop the mania – invariably this is best done with a proven mood stabilizer such as lithium.

This may be an especially hard issue to struggle with for the Bipolar Christian.

There are many reasons for infidelity within a marriage or other committed and supposedly monogamous relationship. There is no way an outsider can shed light on other issues within your relationship.

I am not asking you to not react, or to not feel all the hurt and anger that infidelity creates.

In order to understand things though, and in order to improve the situation, you must try to engage a more detached and rational side of yourself.

It is not a good idea to persist in a relationship with a bipolar spouse who will not actively seek treatment, comply with their medication regime, and work at getting and staying well.

If sexual promiscuity has been part of their manic behavior, consider using a condom to protect yourself from STDs, at least until you are sure your bipolar partner is stable, and get tested for STDs, including HIV/AIDS.

In this section we will discuss infidelity causes, cures, and some sad and scary statistics.

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