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There are a handful of serious and popular newspapers covering LGBT issues in an objective and sensible manner, showing us as equal and normal members of society.

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Being out in the work place can negatively affect your career and employment opportunities, particularly government jobs. But for me, religion is about peace, doing good to others and acceptance of self. Whether I’m going to heaven or hell, let it be a secret between me and Him. I spent my childhood playing with mostly female friends and got bullied all the time for being a sissy/queer etc. Indonesian society is so sexually conservative anyway, that any form of open sexuality, regardless of your preference gets frowned on.

As long as you’re discreet, you shouldn’t have any problems.

And, as the world’s 4th most populous country with over 250 million, statistically, Indonesia has one of the largest LGBT communities on the planet. As with most countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has no laws to support the rights of its LGBT community and society remains largely conservative.

To make matters worse, the Law Against Pornography and Pornocation was passed in 2006, banning anything that publicly depicts sexual relations between persons of the same sex. No handing out the Nomadic Boys business cards too frequently in these parts then…!Of course we are positive, especially with individuals like Dede Oetomo and organisations like GAYa NUSANTARA leading the way. Society needs to wake up to and accept its LGBT community.The anti-pornography laws haven’t helped at all, but despite this, the media still gives us coverage.Bali is your best bet for the best fun, largely because of its strong Hindu heritage and also because it has so much international influence from the tourism market.You should check out this awesome article by (ahem!Welcome to JHD - Hangout Community for Singles (Local & Foreigner)!

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