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(AP Photo/Quinto)Date: 02/04/1979Ali Mac Graw celebrates the re-opening of Studio 54 in New York, Sept. The controversial night spot re-opened after renovations, Tuesday at midnight. 2, 1979, after Rubell and his partner, Ian Schrager, pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges.

(AP Photo)Date: 26/09/1979An unidentified woman whispers in the ear of British rock star Elton John at New York’s Studio 54 early Sunday, Oct 28, 1979. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)Date: 29/10/1979Studio 54 co-owner Steve Rubell and his attorney Roy Cohn, left, talk to reporters outside U. By pleading guilty they avoid prosecution under an indictment that make them liable to prison terms of 36 years each if convicted.

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(AP Photo)(AP) Capote steeps out – Author Truman Capote dances with Mrs. 12, at studio 54, a New York City Disco that has become popular with the celebrity set. No wonder they had christened her that in the sleazy nightclubs of Port au Prince.

(AP-Photo) January 12, 1978Ref #: PA.4400300Date: 12/01/1978Margaret Trudeau, estranged wife of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, dances at New York’s Studio 54 discotheque at night on Monday, Jan. (AP Photo/ Richard Drew)Ref #: PA.7310896Date: 17/01/1978From left, night club owner Steve Rubell, film director Lina Wertmuller and television personality Ed Mc Mahon are pictured at New York’s Studio 54, Jan. (AP Photo)Ref #: PA.17642644Date: 17/01/1978Solitaire. Even in her present promise of warmth towards him there was much that was withdrawn and mysterious.” — Ian Fleming, New York tennis star Vitas Gerulaitis chats with Jerry Hall, fashion model and girlfriend of Mick Jagger,l at Studio 54, famed New York disco, Feb. (AP Photo)Ref #: PA.17654489Date: 14/02/1978Jack Ford, left, son of former President Gerald Ford, talks with singer Alice Cooper at New York’s Studio 54 on February 16, 1978.

When it reopened under new ownership in September 1981, Schrager and Rubell were hired as consultants.“There isn’t a nightclub in the world that you can sit in for a long time unless you can at least buy some liquor and get drunk. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)Date: 31/10/1977Sophia Loren, with a split seam on her dress, is escorted out the back door of Studio 54 in New York as her chauffeur holds an umbrella, March 11, 1979.

Or unless you’re with some girl that really knocks you out.” — J. Salinger, Singer Bette Midler, left, greets members of the soul group, the Temptations, and unidentified guests, are shown at the new in-spot disco, Studio 54, at a party given to announce the Temptations’ new recording contract with Atlantic records in New York, May 9, 1977. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)Date: 31/10/1977Halloween revelers at New York’s Studio 54 dance the night away in costumes ranging from burlesque to stellar. Sophia Loren visited the New York nightspot while in town to promote her book.

Twenty years later, Jack Ford s back on the national scene and he s helping plan another party.

This summer’s Republican National Convention in his adopted hometown of San Diego.(AP Photo)Ref #: PA.4933766Date: 16/02/1978American actors Sylvester Stallone and actress Joyce Ingalls pose for the camera at New York’s, United States, Studio 54 disco on Saturday, Feb. Miss Ingalls co-stars with Stallone in Sly’s new film “Paradise Alley.” (AP Photo)Ref #: PA.11933140Date: 18/02/1978Those were the days my friend We thought they’d never end We’d sing and dance forever and a day We’d live the life we choose We’d fight and never lose For we were young and sure to have our way.Ryan O’Neal, Mariel Hemingway, Richard Gere, Jack Nicholson, and Sylvester Stallone were among the guests.After the original Studio 54 was closed, Schrager and Rubell pleaded guilty to tax evasion and spent 13 months in prison.30, 1977, following an NBA game against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.The Jazz players were in good spirits despite their team’s 118-116 loss to the Knicks.1970s Famous Faces Music Travel And Places Abe Vigoda Ali Mac Graw Alice Cooper Allan Carr Andy Warhol Bette Midler Bianca Jagger Bob Foss Carol Channing Cary Grant Catherine Deneuve Dame Rollerena David Begelman David Frost Designer Diane von Furstenberg Diana Ross Dr.

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