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When there is going to be such a widely available interview with attention given to one of the hoaxer ringleaders, it is going to unleash the trolls on us tenfold all over again.”Kelly defended her choice of interviewee, tweeting, “POTUS’s been on & praises @Real Alex Jones’ show. Many don’t know him; our job is 2 shine a light.” That President Trump has a penchant for fake news should not compel proper news outlets to offer the purveyors of it splashy sit-down interviews, thereby exposing them to a whole new audience.It is not the mainstream media’s job to conform to the president’s insatiable thirst for trolls, but to challenge it, and a natter with Megyn Kelly just isn’t going to cut it.

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Putin chose Kelly for the same reason he chose Oliver Stone: They are easy marks.

And rather than interrogate and expose him, Kelly and Stone have granted Putin huge platforms to propagandize to stateside audiences.

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Before he was roundly denounced for dropping the n-word, Bill Maher made another egregious error: He welcomed Milo Yiannopoulos on his HBO program.

Yiannopoulos, an outré performance artist and alt-right fellow traveler, was given a platform on to promote his book and espouse his hateful views, which range from transmisogyny to outright racism.To make matters worse, Jones not only advised Donald Trump during his presidential campaign, but Trump even appeared on his program, telling Jones, “Your reputation is amazing.I will not let you down.” “The Republican presidential nominee of the United States is being advised by a delusional sociopath.It speaks for itself,” Mark Barden, who lost his 7-year-old son, Daniel, in the Sandy Hook attack, told me in October. It’s disgusting.”In a preview clip released online, Kelly allows Jones to spread his Sandy Hook conspiracies to her millions of viewers.The footage understandably drew the ire of a number of Sandy Hook parents, including Nelba Marquez-Greene, who lost her 6-year-old daughter, Ana Grace, in the tragedy.It was that led to his ruination, not a highly rated TV exchange that only bolstered his reputation. NBC News’ big free-agency signing is a talented TV news host—smart, witty, striking—and, during her tenure at Fox News, was alleged to have been subjected to sexual harassment at the hands of the late Roger Ailes, which is awful.

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