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Upon opening a chat, sometimes new messages will take a while to load on the device.Overall, its a great service to use and more wieldy than Skype is for text communication. However, the notification system is being spammed by messages.“Webcams are mainstream peripherals for desktop and laptop computers, and they are more than ever an important tool in keeping people connected around the world.

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Not bad, but it's painfully obvious that it's lagging behind in updates when compared to other platforms.

Features (claiming promotional stickers from official users, webtoons, pay, keep, etc.) are missing. It's nice that there's a native app for LINE, and I hope they plan to catch up with the updates.

Furthermore, You Cam lets users create professional video presentations by integrating an existing Power Point file into a video chat or recording session.

The software offers a variety of screen layouts, and the ability to freely draw on presentation slides in order to highlight key messages.

Compatible with popular web chat tools, You Cam 7 is an application for webcams that provides a strong suite of video effects, instant beauty enhancements, HD screen recording, and comprehensive safety utilities.

TW), the world’s leading consumer multimedia software company, has announced the launch of You Cam 7.

Update 8/30/16 - The "pending" bug is getting extremely annoying, rendering the app unusable at random times. Multiple issues have come and gone since I started using this app, but now it won't load at all.

It get's stuck syncing messages, and doesn't continue.

LINE reshapes communication around the globe, bringing you closer to your family, friends, and loved ones—for free. Line for WP8 has come a long way in the past year or so. Finding people used to be difficult and only audio calls were supported.

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