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The search is conducted on criminal history record files maintained by the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center.

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The document identifies the major defenses of the city, which included a large fortification in the area around the dyke in Pena.

During the 16th century, Funchal was an important stop-over for caravels travelling between the Indies and the New World.

The following year, the military architect Mateus Fernandes III was sent to Funchal in order to completely modify the defensive system of the city.

Evidence of the work produced by this architect was published in the "Mapa de Mateus Fernandes" (1573), considered to be the oldest plan of the island of Funchal.

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By the end of the 16th century, the celebrated English poet and playwright, William Shakespeare, cited the important export and notoriety of the Madeiran Malvasia castes: in Richard III the Duke of Clarence, the brother of King Edward IV selected a death by drowning in a barrel of Madeira.

Later, in Shakespeare's Henry IV he has Poins censure Falstaff for having sold his soul to the devil for a cup of Madeira wine.

This online service allows you to view an individual's conviction information based on the search criteria that you provide.

The search criteria may include name, social security number, date of birth, and/or gender.

The name Funchal was used by the first settlers that landed on its shores due to the abundance of wild fennel where, as tradition goes, the primitive burg was built.

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