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I don’t care if y’all are fuckin’ each other silly, as long as it’s good for BOTH of you. And you could very well hurt him, aside from putting him in jail for years.” “Mom, we never fucked.” I was being truthful. I understand it to be magical and spiritual and wonderful and ‘fucking’ just doesn’t say that for me. That’s all.” “And you need to keep it that way.” “Mom, I want to marry him.” “When you’re sixteen, baby. ” “Yes, ma’am.” “I suppose that you need to go, huh? “She’s gonna stay the night next door, Hon,” Mom told him. I thought it was beautiful, but I never gave a thought to... But I love him and he loves me.” “If he so much as touches you, you hold his life in your hands, precious,” Mom told me. He told me that, too.” “But you want to be with him.” “I do.” “You know, baby, I’m not stupid. And if you got the chance to spend the night with him...” “I would.” “What about his daughter? When the three of us go away for the weekend, she and I act like sisters. When it was Deena’s weekend with her dad, a couple of times we played ‘slumber party’, she and I staying up late watching movies with her dad. I’d manage to sneak a kiss before bedtime, and if we woke up before he did, we’d invade his bed. And on my sixteenth birthday, I got an engagement ring. I never thought that you’d give it to me.” It’s his mom’s. Mom went with me and Bill to get a marriage license. The lady who issued the license dropped a bombshell on us. Sharika’s a black girl who sits next to me for the fifteen minutes of homeroom. “Girl, you wearin’ that ring on the wrong hand...” “Huh? On the left hand, that mean you engaged.” “It’s on the correct hand, Sharika.” “Whaa-aat?!? She caught Bill in the yard one day and basically told him that she liked the way I was with him in my life and she didn’t want to change that in any way. “I was never in love when I was your age,” Mom admitted.

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SOME people thought you was, like, lezz...” Ashley added. The second bunch I pointed out were on the opposite end of the high school social spectrum, as stereotypically redneck as, again, they could be wearing navy blue knit shirts and khaki slacks.

“Or THOSE.” Our school’s district encompassed a good bit of rural area along with the suburbs and some apartment complexes and we really had an eclectic mix.

She’s not HUGE, but she fills her bra out in an obvious manner.

More likely, his maturity and experience and life knowledge makes our life together MORE interesting.

We’ve worn that bed out, playing, exploring, learning each other, and now simply making love in a whole range of wonderful ways. I need to go home, baby.” We showered, made love, went to sleep together, me backed up against him, his arms around me. If Mom’s sister and her family came over, I made an appearance. If I were like a lot of kids my age, things would have changed in the next almost two years. Second, I’m NOT normal when it comes to high school girls. I haven’t heard ONE of them describe a dreamy afternoon in bed on a rainy day loving and teasing each other through several climaxes. “What kind of dumbass doesn’t know about birth control these days?

At the time, I thought I was being very clever and that she bought into the story. But here I was spending the first night in the very same bed where only a few months ago I had given him my virginity. I wore my ring to school the next day because I absolutely LOVE it. We plan on putting it back up for safekeeping after we’re legally married. But Tuesday morning I went to school with Bill’s ring on my finger. First, for two years my relationship with my soon to be ‘official’ husband has been a felony offense for him. I know girls who do two or three guys a week, sometimes in the same night. I listen to the conversations and I don’t think any of them have ever had sex so completely overwhelming that they pass out and awaken with a lover gently caressing and kissing their faces. ” “Right.” “So let’s not look back at stuff.” Mom KNEW. Little Steve’s in kindergarten and he’s a good kid, right? boys your own age...” “Would NOT treat me like Bill treats me.” She looked at me, at first like she was going to yell, but then her face got all soft and motherly. ” “If you told him what you told me...” “You don’t move in with him, baby. And perfectly adorable.” I guess I smiled on the outside.

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