Fetching and updating cursors

We have introduced a new command Install Additional SCM Providers...

to make it easier to discover and install SCM providers from the VS Code Marketplace.

We received a lot of feedback for our workbench theming support and are happy to see more and more themes adopting the workbench colors!

Frequently Asked Questions Free lesson: The PL/SQL Oracle training video explains basic and more advanced aspects of programming in Oracle 11g. Total length 3 h 2 min, video resolution 1280 x 720.

The Oracle Database is an object-relational database management system (relational database with added object-oriented features).

The Go menu now includes the Go to Implementation and Go to Type Definition commands: We are now preserving the view state for resource editors when you switch between them.

This comes in handy when debugging internal modules since we now preserve the scroll position and all other view data for internal module editors.

These colors can be set by themes or directly by the user with the During this milestone, we made some significant steps towards supporting multi-root (multiple project folder) workspaces in VS Code.

In case you are wondering why it is taking us a little bit longer to tackle this feature request, please read Daniel's excellent explanation.

Thanks to Phil Price (@pprice), the author of Better Merge, for the PR.

When Intelli Sense autocomplete/suggestions are triggered, press to view the documentation for the suggestion item in focus as before.

We focused on UX and sketched up how we could provide this feature with our current architecture without introducing too many new concepts.

After sharing the designs with the engineering team, we ran 2 user studies to validate our assumptions.

The command is available under the Switch SCM Provider...

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