Speed dating events in north carolina

Best Fresh Meat Moment: I wore thin tights to my level one assessments.

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😉 Birthday: February 20: You can send presents to my PO Box (: Height: Brick House! Awards: “The Sassiest Hawk”, “Player With The Goofiest Faces”, “CRG Token Mixed Girl”.

Joined CRG: April 2015 Skate: Ridell She-Devils Cross Training: yoga addict!

I don’t remember how I found out about it, but once I was there I just thought, “Wow, this is so cool…

*I* want to try.” So I just showed up at an open practice! Sports Background: None, really – I played soccer and softball as a child, but mostly I was very inactive, right up until derby.

(So really it’s mah-ko, but I’m not bothered if you want to pronounce it like the shark.

That’s cool too.) If you could have any super power, what would it be? Joined CRG: April 2014 Teams You’ve Played For: Carolina All-Stars, Carolina Bootleggers, Durham Crash Favorite Location: CRG Warehouse Favorite Surface: Concrete Skate: Riedell She-Devils with Powerdine plates and low boy wheels Cross Training: Running, yoga, Stroller Strides (mommy and me workout class) Debut: Carolina Bootleggers vs Greensboro September 2014 How did you find derby?If you could have any super power, what would it be?Freeze time so that I could make it places on time! Joined CRG: May 2016 Skates: Riedell Blue Streaks Cross Training: Yoga, “Just Dance” marathons on the Play Station Favorite Surface: Wood Sports Background: I was never very into organized sports, but as a kid I loved climbing trees and jumping in bouncy castles and skating at roller rinks.Ambulance in a church parking lot full of strangers-Check!Covered in fake blood spat by Razor de Rockefeller–yes!idk how family friendly this is but its the most fun thing ive ever done (sober) as an adult 🙂 Likes: skating, festivals, vacations, my family Derby Heroes: Lenore Gore, Xena the Badass Name Inspiration: picture it: Turkey day, 2010.

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