Scientist refute carbon dating

The government department spearheading Britain's effort to reduce carbon output is driving companies and individuals towards paying under a European Union system for emissions cuts that do not take place.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has also channelled more than half of �215m paid out under a pilot UK greenhouse gas trading scheme to just four companies which spent considerably less than they received on emissions cuts.

Buying yet another product to demonstrate one's concern for the environment smacks of self-contradiction.

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These results imply that Europe may face a slightly cooler future than predicted by IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Spreading giant anti-glare shields over the glacier each April after piling tonnes of loose snow upon it, workers at the Zugspitezebahn cable car operator are fighting a losing battle to keep their glacier alive - for business and ecological reasons.

The global information and communications technology industry accounts for approximately two per cent of global CO2 emissions, new estimates reveal.

Gartner stated that the figure, which is equivalent to that of the aviation industry, is "unsustainable".

Is this not like putting the fox in charge of the hen house? The oil executive political leaders lured by the allmighty dollar are putting their own finacial interests above the right of every person on earth to breathe air free from deadly poison." As the conflict in Darfur spreads across central Africa, with thousands more displaced and killed, Julian Borger in Chad investigates the origins and contradictions of what is likely to be seen as the first climate change war.

The rush to go on a carbon diet, even if by proxy, is in overdrive.

"Imagine that the air is gray and filled with poison caused by cars burning oil, gasoline.

Now imagine that your political leaders are oil executives.

Source: Reuters April 30 (Reuters) - Top climate experts and government officials from around the globe began a five-day meeting in Bangkok on Monday to discuss a draft report on how to fight climate change and how ...

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