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Still, there are no guarantees that Midwest men are classier than those with a 212 area code.

One Ohio guy explained his “Ten Tuesday” rule to her this way: “The date doesn’t have to be a 10 unless I’m going out with her on a Friday.” We’ll be sure to pencil you in.

She’s certain she never would have met a man like her husband, Fred, had she stayed in New York.

She has two years to find a serious beau — or find a new hometown.

Devastated by a recent breakup, Christine has set a ticking clock on her tryst with the Big Apple.

“I was fed up with New York,” says Stephanie, a 35-year-old financial adviser.

“There is a certain mind-set men have of always wanting more, of never being satisfied with what they have.” So she traded coasts for Los Angeles, fell in love and eloped within two months.

“He was honest and ruled by his heart, not money or status.” Blogger Melissa Braverman is hoping she, too, may find better love elsewhere.

She’s off on a whirlwind eight-week dating quest to eight US cities.

(Or you could be stuck in a loveless relationship with a passive-aggressive narcissist. Single isn't the worst thing to be.) But single at the holidays can be...

"When all of that prep is done, the magic happens."Howie said spring is a perfect time to begin dating in Chicago, when both indoor and outdoor activities create opportunities for dates and meeting people."Between right now and the end of June, there's no excuses," he said."The Great Love Debate" will return to Chicago at the end of the month for 15 shows at the Greenhouse Theater Center.

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Since 1995, this premium dating site has connected people in more marriages and relationships than any other dating site in existence.

“I love it here, but now it’s time to think about my future,” she says.

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