Dating subordinate employees

” or accept that your career advancement is functionally over.The company will mold you to their exacting specifications to do whatever form of service they require. For example, if your company needs a Java-speaking systems engineer and you have a degree in Art History, this is .

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That said, there may be some generalization and/or exaggeration for dramatic effect. The slice of contemporary Japanese life of keenest interest to you is dominated by one particular relationship: that of the Japanese salaryman to his employer.

If you understand this relationship, it is almost a Rosetta stone.

At those companies which actually pay for overtime (not uncommon, even for professional salaried employees, even for those who would characteristically be exempt in the US), there are generally multiple rates.

I got time and a quarter between and AM, time and a half until midnight, and time and three quarters after AM. It is highly unlikely that anyone will ever tell you “We need you here until 3 AM.

There exist companies which don’t require their salarymen to work Saturdays.

That is considered almost decadent for salarymen — the more typical schedules are either “2 Saturdays a month off” or “every Sunday off!

(For readers for whom Japanese is easier than English / 日本語が読みやすい方:上杉周作さんが本投稿を日本語に翻訳してくださいました。ビジネス・イン・ジャパンをご参照ください。) I’ve been in Japan for ten years now and often get asked about how business works here, sometimes by folks in the industry wondering about the Japanese startup culture, sometimes by folks wishing to sell their software in Japan, and sometimes by folks who are just curious.

Keith and I have discussed this on the podcast before, but I thought I’d write a bit about my take on it.

You will be provided with benefits perfectly calibrated to allow you and your family to lead a middle-class Japanese life.

Your children will go to as good schools as they test into.

Traditionally, salarymen (and they are, by the way, mostly men) are hired into a particular company late in university and stay at that company or its affiliates until they retire.

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