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Massachusetts authorities will toss out more than 8,000 convictions that are tainted because a chemist at the state lab was high on drugs she was supposed to be testing almost every day she went to work, authorities said on Friday.

The announcements by various district attorneys’ offices came after the American Civil Liberties Union and Massachusetts’ public defender agency in September asked the state’s top court to toss any cases tied to Sonja Farak.

To infinity and beyond: Trump has big plans for Nasa – but is it just a fantasy?

Read more Speaking to Rossiya 24 state TV channel, Rogozin said the failure had been caused by human error. Z — Sam Greene (@samagreene) December 28, 2017 Failure to stand up to this opens the door for any government to demand the closure/blocking of an account and is another step towards the creation of 'sovereign' national networks and the dismantling of the internet as a global public good.

(tagging @zeynep, @emilydparker) — Sam Greene (@samagreene) December 28, 2017 The new frigid blast will reach the northern Plains on Saturday, then sweep southeastward over the balance of the New Year's Day weekend.

A French activist group has launched a criminal lawsuit against Apple over its policy of slowing down older i Phones in a case that could see the tech giant 's executives jailed and cost it five percent of its income if convicted of the crime of "planned obsolescence".

The move by Halte à l’Obsolescence Programmée (HOP - Stop Planned Obsolescence), an environmental association, comes after lawsuits were launched this week in the US against Apple for similar reasons.

Founded in 2012 by a team of all-star LA tech members, the startup has developed into the gold standard for dating apps with its swiping interface that we've come to both love and hate.

Based in West Hollywood, the company is still very involved in growing the LA tech community.

Israel block list: https:// Apple reducing price of an out-of-warranty i Phone battery replacement by Will issue an i OS software update so user can see the health of their battery Prices will be cut worldwide - although UK pricing has not been yet revealed Was claimed Apple intentionally slows older models to force users to upgrade Apple says the software update is actually to prolong the life of the gadget Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Wednesday the loss of a 2.6bn-rouble (m) satellite launched last month was due to an embarrassing programming error.

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